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A Most Wonderful Evening

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Oct. 5th, 2002 | 03:10 am
mood: happyhappy

So there was a sudden party struck up at the Chelsea Village Fred Astaire -- one that had been planned but that had not been really advertised that was suddenly organized in a few hours after a couple of boys from RPI announced that they would be coming down for a visit.

The boys, of course, were Jerry and Roberto who are probably some of my favorite people in the world -- Roberto because he just does crazy fun stuff when he dances and Jerry because he really loves standard the way that I do... well that and he's like a guy version of myself and all of that, so that there is just sort of a connection between us.

Anyway, at the social, there was a Jack and Jill mini-competition since most of us there are competitive dancers in one way or another, Jack and Jill being a kind of competition where you get paired with a random partner and then you dance some dances with that person and people judge you on your dancing and whatnot. To add interest to this one, the guys led on dance (of the standard/smooth variety) and the girls led another (of the rhythm/latin variety). So in the first round (there being a shortage of girls -- the girls had to dance twice), I danced Waltz and Swing with Dru -- I am a better leader than he is a follower, so overall we were in third place. In the second round, I got paired with Jerry...

Drawing his name from Jennifer's cupped hand and feeling elation that I had been so lucky as to partner him (he was the one I had hoped to dance with) compounded by my then going over to him and saying "We're dancing together!" to be greeted by a big hug and a "Really? YES!" response felt so wonderful that I just cannot tell you. And we were the winners of our round. He said to me afterward "Was there ever any doubt?" which, though it is not modest of me to say, there really wasn't because he was the best leader there and I the best follower for standard, and he follows rumba very well. But it was much fun and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

I just had so much fun. Earlier today I was so frustrated with my dancing and then this party happened and I felt just so much better. My dancing felt good and we took silly pictures and it was great to see some of the people that I am coming to know and love.

And! Jennifer liked my socks! Apparently she was laughing at them during the Jack and Jill competition, but if she hadn't told me I would never have noticed.

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from: vanillahyacinth
date: Oct. 5th, 2002 08:32 am (UTC)

Yay! :^) :^)

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