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This is what happens when practice goes badly

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Sep. 26th, 2002 | 02:40 am
mood: sadsad

Dru and I had an excessively annoying practice yesterday. Excessively so -- I correct something gently and he yells at me for it and I get frustrated and nearly cry. That added to the many times I'd felt my temper rising and simply held my breath and counted to ten in order to keep on going and just get through the material.

And the problem is that we left in such a bad mood and I was so angry that I just sort of obliterated all memory of things that happened at that practice from my mind. Unfortunately, one of the things that had happened was that we scheduled a lesson with Stanley (one of our coaches) for tonight, which we forgot about and of course, then didn't show up for. We feel really bad and will definitely plan to pay for the lesson, which is a pain to our wallets, but then we DID forget.

I just hope Jennifer doesn't lecture us about it on Monday... she probably won't since we are planning to apologize and make amends tomorrow.

But still.

I guess this is a lesson in how much anger can make you forget... and how the coping mechanism of dealing with extreme emotions (anger, frustration, etc) is just to forget them... to forget what happened around the time preceding the emotion and the duration of it. Not like there's a 3 hour void in your life... you remember what happened, remember the feeling, but it is in sort of a distant, drifting way.

In any event, I forgot a lesson and I feel badly about it. Of course, so did my partner, so I can't and won't take all the blame. And then by the time we found out about our missed time, it was much to late to clear it up, and that was certainly not our fault.

So it's not a perfect world. I just hope there's no lecture on Monday as Jennifer has the power, when she gets upset, to make you feel somewhere around two millimeters tall, and that wrath is not something I want to have directed at me.

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