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Where to Start

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Sep. 20th, 2002 | 02:59 am
mood: tiredtired

I don't know where to start writing today. I really don't. I guess I should start by saying that it must seem that my resolutions don't last long. They last, of course -- they just turn out to be less powerful than my figure falling asleep over a musical theatre textbook. That is why there was no writing last night.

Today was happy -- new dresses (well, actually, a new dress and a new skirt and some useful things like a scarf and a laundry basket) one of which is my beautiful tangerine dream for dancing in at syllabus competitions. It wasn't so pretty when I found it for $12 at ragstock, but a lot of changes later it is beautiful and quite suited to competition. It got a bit wrinkled in the shipping process, so I have to take it to a good dry-cleaners, but there is one that I know nearby where I will take it tomorrow.

Things have been difficult between my dance partner and I lately. It's been frustrating because we have reached a point in our dancing where there are some technique points at which I've exceeded him, and I have to watch and wait and work and wait until he catches up.

I feel suddenly very boring. Which I guess is a sign that I need to stop writing for the time being, and find something interesting to write about tomorrow.

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