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Everything Today Is Thoroughly Modern

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Sep. 12th, 2002 | 11:25 pm
mood: calmcalm
music: "Everything Today Is Thoroughly Modern" is stuck in my head.

And suddenly another 4 days have passed without an update. I have been terrible this week, really. Terrible with schoolwork, terrible with updates, terrible, actually, with checking e-mail.

Ah well, room for improvement is a good thing right? And I AM catching up and making good on my mistakes, so I suppose all is well. I might as well get the errors out of the way in the first week of the semester, instead of burning out mid-semester and breaking down and wrecking what I have so carefully built.

I am in a really strange mood right now.

I saw "Millie" tonight, as the show is given it's short name -- absolutely adorable. Sutton Foster was a surprise, Gavin Creel a delight... but who really stole the show were Mrs. Meers, Bun Foo and Ching Ho -- (whose scenes were all conducted in Chinese and then brilliantly subtitled above with a clever use of light projections on a specialized scrim. Especially funny on the songs). And of course fun songs, fun dancing, and sappy lighthearted romance.

It was a great great evening. And I got to see the show. I have decided that part of achieving balance this year is to go and see theatre, alone if necessary, far more often than I did last year. Too much school is unhealthy, but so is too much ballroom.

And on that note, it is, I think, time for me to go do some more reading -- I want to at least be caught up with this week's unfinished homework by the time tomorrow hits, so that what is left over the weekend is preparation for classes on Monday and Tuesday.

It is a good solution, I think.

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