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It's the end of the week and how time has flown

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Sep. 8th, 2002 | 10:08 pm
mood: blahblah

Already it is Sunday and I haven't updated here in days. Perhaps I will write back filling entries as I reach mental walls in my homework and insist to myself that it is time for a break. Perhaps I will be up until 3 am, in an effort to make this complete, to chronicle exactly my junior year of college.

Perhaps I will leave it at this entry and be content knowing that when I update less, it is because I am having a life and enjoying it.

This past week has felt complicated in so many ways. I am growing restless in my relationships, wanting them to end or to go in a direction -- stagnation is not the place that I wish to be, and yet stagnation is where I am, and truthfully, it is the best place to be. Yes, I know that was contradictory, but my situation is terribly complicated right now. (relationships always are dear, relationships always are).

Plays to read and science to read and practice to be done, and when do I have time for all of the things that I want to do?

It is time that I start doing my homework during the gaps between classes, instead of pointlessly leaving it until Sunday night. Summer is over and it is time that I come to grips with that reality.

Many events, many photos dating through the past week. More on that later. Or perhaps more entries -- significant days being Thursday and Saturday, insignificant ones Wednesday and Friday. Though in this life, even the insignificant days are significant because they were days when I lived and breathed and made memories.

Accomplishments of the day:
Finished reading genetics and did homework.
Cleaned the bathroom.
Went to Church.

Still to be done:
Read Lady Windermere's Fan.
Read Neuroscience
Practice practice practice
Laundry, perhaps.

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