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Diet Diet

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Jul. 23rd, 2002 | 03:00 pm

I have decided to go on a diet -- not a permanent diet or anything, but a brief happy cleansing diet to make my body not feel tired and sluggish and just generally icky.

So I will spend a week eating fruits and veggies and shrimp, tuna and salmon. It should do me some good.

Yesterday was a day of clean food -- for dinner I had a salad of organic spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers. It could have used a bit of salad dressing, but still it was good. Though for some reason I expect raw spinach to taste different than cooked spinach, and I am always surprised when it doesn't.

Today is a day of juices, water and fruit smoothies.

And of course, the main purpose of this whole idea, besides being a vague wish to cleanse my body is more to get my tonsils to shrink back to a normal size as they have now been swollen for somewhere on the order of a week... but have yet to develop the white spots that are indicative of a true illness.

So cleaning the body is what I shall be doing.

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(no subject)

from: redkitten
date: Jul. 23rd, 2002 06:41 pm (UTC)

my tonsils are like that this week too!
must be in the air...

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