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Jul. 18th, 2002 | 09:53 pm
mood: blahblah
music: Unknown Artist - MR.UNCLE CRACKER - FOLLOW ME

So many times recently I have wanted to start a journal entry... and so many times I have had one written and my computer has failed or my Internet has failed or something has happened that posting has not.

Thus it has been 5 weeks since I posted.

In those 5 weeks, I have:
Been to Minnesota to see my Mom
Realized how much I had hit bottom toward the end of May
Realized that I can overcome everything that's happened and learn from it
Been rejuvenated spiritually
Come halfway to completing Organic Chemistry -- recovering from my incomplete with flying colors.
Been so tremendously hurt that I thought I couldn't forgive the hurt
Realized that actually, I could forgive that hurt -- though the hurt itself will take time to heal
Turned 20
Received a score of 91 on an Organic Chemistry Test. A 91 that should be 94 or 95.
Gone Swimming in the Ocean

I think that's about everything that's terribly significant... Oh, somewhere along the line I competed at ballroom, too. Wearing a ballgown that I designed and embellished myself... and built with the help of a seamstress who was a friend of the family.

Not bad, all things considered.

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