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3 weeks of competitions back to back is a lot of work!

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Apr. 19th, 2002 | 12:02 am
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music: Frank Sinatra - Where Or When

Okay, so much for two weeks... how about three?


It has been a hectic long while, with me being in my dorm really only to sleep and do a couple other things that didn't require time at the computer... a hectic long while that involved many dance competitions (3 to be precise), many sicknesses (probably also 3 if I really cared to count) and exams (3... though I only took two because I was sick for one).

So, to the dance competitions:

As a follower, I have yet to place in standard and have only placed at that one comp in smooth... a comp which hardly counts.

But! I have many many placements to cover for it from my other competitions.
Newcomer --
As a leader: 1st in american waltz, 4th in american tango and 5th in international waltz
As a follower: 1st in american cha cha and swing, and 1st in international cha cha and rumba.
As a follower: 1st in american rumba and swing, 2nd in american cha cha, 1st in international jive, 3rd in international rumba, 4th in international cha cha

As a leader -- 1st in american foxtrot, swing, international cha cha and waltz
As a follower -- 6th in american cha cha/rumba and 4th in american swing
Fun Dances:
3rd in Rookie(L)-Vet(F) cha cha
5th in Vet(L) - Rookie (F) cha cha
2nd in Paso for those who Don't
4th in the international team match

Intermediate (Silver/Gold):
As a follower -- 6th in mambo

It is for this reason that Dru, my partner, has named me a rhythm/latin dancer in denial. I guess as long as I remain in denial I can't really argue the point with him.

But enough bragging and shameless self-promotion and all the rest. I have plenty to learn and plenty to work on. But still. A very good season, I would say. :-)

The saddest thing is that with the exception of a few minor details, that list of ribbons really sums up my life over the last 3 weeks with the exception of some minor details that are for friends' eyes only.

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